BERVATRA 気配と二つのハサミ SVTP-005 2018

気配と二つのハサミ Title : 気配と二つのハサミArtist : BERVATRACat No : SVTP-005Release Date : April 2nd 2018Format : CD/DigitalMixing by : Shinichi Suda(Towth)Mastering by : Chihei Hatakeyama​Artwork : Kosaku Shimamoto Track list01. PODO02. WE RAT03. IIO/RO04. AD PLAN CH05. A CELL ON PH06. CECEAPIIIFLT07. MY ONE08. THE RUST09. YC-I/IO10. RED SMUT11. C-VT-P12. SUPERSONIC with takaramahaya13. EL HOP CLAN14. VVOOP15. HOT MANICS16. TACKY SPITE17. ENIGMA LIST Reinstallation – The embodiment of Electronic MusicSound, never fixed by nature. In this work, using organic materials found in the daily life, molding them into a standardized beat, that enforces the presence of events that pass by without thinking.Are the emotions contained in these sounds that would by … Continue reading BERVATRA 気配と二つのハサミ SVTP-005 2018