Junebug Rhapsody

Title : Junebug Rhapsody
Artist : ermhoi
Cat No : SVTP-010
Release Date : June 2nd 2023
Format : Digital
Recorded & Mixed: ermhoi
Mastering by : Stephan Mathieu
​Artwork : comuramai

Track list
01. Fall Mouth So Far
02. Misunderstood
03. Strenuous Blur
04.  Pie
05. Nile River
06. Feats
07. The Bird’s Lie

The theme chosen for Salvaged Tapes 2023 is “Mizukagami – Water Reflection,” a concept deeply rooted in symbolism and the historical significance of mirrors.

Throughout history, mirrors have held a mysterious allure, representing a connection to other realms and a means to reflect truth.

In ancient times, the absence of manufactured mirrors led humanity to rely on the reflection of water.

Why do we continue to gaze into mirrors in the modern age?

The answer to this question varies depending on an individual’s state of mind while peering into the mirror. Some seek confirmation of their existence, while others strive to discover the path towards their ideal selves.

Although the fundamental motive of “seeing” or “wanting to see” may remain constant over time, the advent of crystal-clear, artificially manufactured mirrors has altered the experience. When we look into these modern mirrors, do we truly perceive what we desire to see?

ermhoi, in her artistic works, explores the unexpected fluctuations that occur in response to intentional or motivated actions.

Memories, as we revisit them, undergo an active process of reconstruction, causing them to diverge from the objective reality as time passes.

The act of calmly observing such divergences and solidifying them into new works of art, encompassing the inception of the action and the fluctuating responses, may bear resemblance to affirming us—individuals inherently characterized by wavering reflections received from the surface of water. In essence, it is an affirmation of our fluctuating physical and psychological states.


Official: https://ermhoi.com/

The versatile track maker and singer who proudly embraces her Japanese and Irish heritage while effortlessly exploring various genres.

Released the 1st album “Junior Refugee” from Salvaged Tapes in 2015. Her activities extend beyond providing music for films and TV commercials, as well as remixes, to a wide range of support roles such as vocals, synthesizers, and backing vocals.

In addition to collaborating with talented contemporaries such as Shun Ishiwaka (Answer to Remember, CRCK/LCKS, SMTK), Daiki Tsuneta (King Gnu), and Ayatake Ezaki (WONK), she has also shared the stage with visionary musicians like Eiko Ishibashi, Jim O’Rouke, Phew, and Ibeyi, each with their distinct artistic universe.

She has also been selected as featured artists in works by MONDO GROSSO, Tokyo Shio Koji, Sen Morimoto, and Maika Loubté, building relationships with artists active both domestically and internationally.

Furthermore, they formed a group called black boboi in 2018 with Utena Kobayashi and Julia Shortreed, and performed at the Red Marquee of “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ’19”. Since 2019, she has also been involved in Millennium Parade led by Daiki Tsuneta.

The new album “Junebug Rhapsody” is a solo work following the release of “DREAM LAND” in December 2021. Her “golden” talent aims to captivate not only Japan but also the world.